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Help And Kindness is just starting out. This is stage one of an ambitious project to bring together information about all kinds of help and support that are available to people living and working in Dorset. Follow our news here.

We have spent 18 months listening and speaking to people across the county. This has given us some really useful and warmly welcomed ideas for joining all these brilliant support services together so they're easy to find.

We have started by focusing on the core details about organisations and groups that are busy working in Dorset. We researched and added about 250 listings to the site to get the ball rolling. This will grow rapidly now as our "Early Birds" get involved and start to add in their information too.

Once we get underway, and our allies and partners start to add in their own information, we will open up other areas on the site. These will include local service information and local events and activities. After that we'll be adding opportunities and requests for help and news that relates to Help And Kindness in Dorset.

We're all ears! We have made our best effort to get this right first time, but we may have fallen short here and there. We welcome constructive criticism about how you find the site. Please be kind, as this is currently a voluntary project and we haven't yet been able to raise the funds we need to see it reach the potential we have in mind. If you would like to make a donation to the project please click here.

You will find feedback forms on all the search-results pages.

If you would like to get involved as a partner and ally of the project, please do get in touch. We can add you to our Early Bird list, or put you on our newsletter mailing-list for updates. We also share our progress regularly on Twitter too #HelpAndKindness on Twitter

Although this is a "soft launch", with no tarantara, we do want people to know we're here, so please do tell everyone you know, and spread the world about #HelpAndKindness in Dorset.

Thank you.

Jon, Nicola and Ralph.

Some core milestones from our road ahead...

We will be improving the breadth and focus of the search matches. We have many tricks up our sleeves that we will be deploying in the months ahead. The search will get better and better as more information is added and our algorithms flex and grow.

You will be able to bookmark your favourite listings, to make your own personalised directory of services, organisations and activities. You will be able to keep this offline, and have it available even if you are in one of the many wireless blackspots around the county, or want to share this resource with someone who's not online.

You will be able to participate in the maintenance and management of the information on the site, as a co-producer and curator of the information you see here. You will be able to fill in the blanks and help keep the listings up to date, making a better service for everyone.

There will be new and useful ways to view the information about what is happening in your locality; both by location, and over time. Local calendars and listings, for the organisations that work in your village or town, will become central hubs for Help And Kindness.

We will be listing requests for help, and opportunities for you to get involved in supporting the organisations and groups that run across the county. Appeals for donations or for volunteers will all be listed on the site.

We will also be fundraising for the project through the website so we can continue to develop, research and add in new ideas and services as new needs and opportunities emerge.