Listening and Learning

23rd November 2018

We've been speaking to many friends, clients and colleagues about #HelpAndKindness this week and have been thrilled by the warm reception it has been given, and by the offers of help and support to get it off the ground.

So many similar stories have emerged about previous attempts by different people to set up similar projects in the past. The most frequent comments have been around bureaucracy getting in the way or service provision, too many cooks spoiling the broth, and lack of engagement (for all sorts of practical reasons) from the people who have been targeted. The result were either incomplete projects, or projects that rapidly died due to them becoming out of date and unreliable.

We've known that these would be issues we'd have to tackle with H&K and have built in systems and approaches that we hope will mitigate some of these risks. We're hoping to avoid the treacle of bureucratic process by staying independent, and we hope to add in many layers of value and usefulness to the organsations we hope to serve. If we can show that it's useful to be involved and has real, practical benefit, then we hope that people will become more committed to engaging with the project.

Our hope is that the people that run the support organisations will feel more connected and more supported. We hope they will be able to access information that they need when they need to find help that they can't provide themselves. We hope that the project will represent and champion their work in the county, and make it easier to access funding and volunteers to help with delivering their services.

We know we don't have all the answers yet, but are optimistic that through listening to the advice and ideas of people we meet, we'll be able to weave their wisdom into this project and make it better for everyone.


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