Sign-up Forms Almost Ready

27th November 2018

Our technical development work has entered a new phase these past few days. We're now setting up the forms to allow people to add in their organisations to the site, and manage their information as time goes by.

A Warm Welcome

We're trying super hard to make the sign-up process feel friendly and welcoming. We don't want it to feel like it's a load of effort to get involved. It's also important for us to get across the heart of the project as simply as possible, so people know what they're committing themselves to. (I think some more illustrations may be useful!)

If we carry on at current rates I'm hoping to have the forms completed this week. When they're live we'd love a couple of friendly reviewers to give it a try and let us know whether they've hit the mark. Do get in touch with us by email if you'd be interested in doing this. Once the forms are done we'll be able to move on to work on the public facing parts of the project.



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