We Need Friends

30th November 2018

As we are standing on the shoulders of giants with this project, and trying to assimilate the wisdom of the many organisations that are already set up and doing good things for the people of Dorset, we are asking them for some help with working out the best way we can move forward with this project.

We're not worried about the technology, the project or its capacity to do good; but we are trying to work out what sort of organisation #HelpAndKindness should be.

Should it be "owned" or "sponsored" by another county-wide organisation? Should it become a charity/trust in its own right? Should it become a service from Alacrify that people can buy into? How can we get over the trust and credibility issues that seem to be foremost in many peoples' minds when they encounter our philanthropic work?

We met with two of the Trustees of Dorchester Poverty Action today and asked them for their wisdom and ideas. Though we couldn't see a simple way forward at this point, and have all gone away to give things further thought, we did highlight some really great ideas together. Being Friends was one.

We Need Friends!

One immediately practical action was to invite organisations to be a "Friend" to the project, and give us the benefit of their goodwill in supporting what we're trying to achieve. This doesn't involve money or time or especial effort, just the endorsement of saying they're behind us, and happy to be associated with #HelpAndKindness. We hope this will start to build the credibility of the project, and reflect the enormous amount of outreach we're doing to provide a really useful service to all these organisations in Dorset.

Could It Be You?

If YOU PERSONALLY and/or YOUR ORGANISATION would be happy to be our Friend, please let us know. We'd like to add you to our list of Friends on this website, and use, if we may, your logo on our website too. You can see our Friends page here to see what we're doing.

Please email us as we'd love to have your support and encouragement.


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