Putting #HelpAndKindness On The Map

12th December 2018

We're currently adding in the facility for organisations to be able to add in their locations to the #HelpAndKindness website as part of their signup. They'll also be able to locate the places where their events take place, even if they're not held in their primary location.

The goal with this mapping is that we should be able to show everyone the places where #HelpAndKindness is happening, on a Google Map. It will help us see what is happening in our local communities, and where there may be gaps that need investigating.

We intend the map to show listings by type; e.g. all child services, or all dementia support, or all food banks. We also want to show things by date too, so you can see what's happening today, tomorrow or next month.

All this effort is to ultimately simplify how people can find out about the #HelpAndKindness that is happening across Dorset and make it easier for everyone to find and offer help to one across the county.


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