A Busy Busy Month

28th January 2019

This month has seen us continuing to wrestle with making the best choices for the organisation that should contain the #HelpAndKindness project. We've ruled out running it from within our Ltd company, as it has too many issues around conflicts of interest and commercial transparency. Instead we're in the process of setting up a community interest company which will exist as an entirely separate business, with community benefit written into its core.

This hasn't been without difficulty though. Learning the intricate ways of the legal and administrative obligations of a CIC has been a challenge. Thankfully there've been some useful contacts that we've found online to help us through the maze. We've also had some great advice from our accountants, Scott Vevers.

So as we head towards February we are now almost ready to submit the files and forms to set up the new company that will embrace, protect and nuture this project as it makes its way into the world. Fingers crossed!


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