Spring Is Springing

1st March 2019

The first of March sees our application to register the new CIC land on the doormat of Companies House and we now nervously await confirmation of the company registration.

We also held a board meeting on Thursday to plan the work that we need to carry out in the coming weeks, some of which will depend on the CIC formation completion, but much of which can be done in the meantime. In particular we're looking at the programming of the project elements from a technical and strategic direction, and working out how to fund the different aspects of the project in the short and medium term.

We're starting to compile a list of funding bodies that we could approach, and would welcome any tips or recommendations if you have any. There have also been several meetings and phone calls with various brilliant people who are supportive of this project, and are looking forward to seeing how we can dovetail with their services. If you'd like to speak to us, we'd love to hear from you.

As spring begins, we hope that the new shoots of #HelpAndKindness will continue to find a warm and sunny welcome as we begin to promote the project across the county.


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