Reaching out

29th March 2019

Our doors are open to anyone who wants to get in touch to hear more about #HelpAndKindness. We're already in dialogue with many wonderful people and projects around #Dorset and are enjoying the conversations and ideas that are developing.

This past week we have spoken to representatives from Dorset AONB, NHS Dorset CCG, GP Surgeries, Teachers, Community Workers, local community groups and more. The conversations have been incredibly affirming of our plans for the #HelpAndKindness project, with many people already describing the ways in which it will make a big difference to their work and the support they can offer.

The big "lightbulb moment" in many of the conversations is the realisation that we're focused on empowering the support networks in Dorset. Yes, we want to make a great service for the public, but this will only be successful if our ambition is achieved in which we enhance and support the organisations and individuals who actually deliver services "on the ground". The many ways we plan to do this include facilitating communication between support providers, increasing awareness of providers' services, helping with needs analysis, and catalysing networking and new projects between providers too.

Years of listening to the organisations and individuals who are providing so much to the community in Dorset have inspired this project, and now we are delighted that our ideas are being affirmed and welcomed by the people and organisations we wish to support through #HelpAndKindness.

If you'd like to make contact and speak to us, we'd love to hear from you; our email is and we're also on Twitter.


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