Reflections from Recent Meetings - Respect and Care

2nd May 2019

We've had many conversations lately that have raised big ideas and significant concerns from people providing voluntary / charity support to the communities around Dorset about the appropriation of their good work. We've written up our ideas in response to these concerns.

These issues relate to their fear of being taken over by external agencies if they choose to partner / work with them. This applies to grant-making organisations they get funding from, official and public sector bodies that they work through and other independents (like #HelpAndKindness) who run projects in the same locality.

From the outset #HelpAndKindness has always been about serving these local organisations and individuals, and helping them, rather than benefitting from them in some way. It led us to write up our thinking about these issues here: Serving The Grass Roots

We hope this will address and allay any fears that arise about the way that #HelpAndKindness is being run, and affirm our commitment to being champions of and servants to the amazing people that deliver support to the communities of Dorset.


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