Funding Challenges

17th May 2019

The recent application we made to the Bright Ideas Fund was declined this week. This is a disappointment as we try to get #HelpAndKindness up and running. The competition was fierce with 200 applications being received. Sadly the panel aren't in a position to give a reason for our lack of success, so we're not able to learn much from this experience.

We were hoping that this would give us a blend of mentoring and financial support to help us set off on the right foot with the Alacrify Foundation and with #HelpAndKindness.

Despite this setback we are continuing to progress with our meetings and outreach, and are building our network of people we want to work with in the #HelpAndKindness project. All the conversations so far have been enthusiastic and encouraging, and we're now waiting to hear from a number of key potential partners who may be in a position to commission services or parts of our service to meet their organisations' needs. We'd hoped that the Bright Ideas connection would help us to structure some of these arrangements, and help us build our financial platform for running the project. In its absence we are asking for advice and ideas from everyone we meet to help us get to grips with this part of our the #HelpAndKindness project.

If you have any bright ideas or wisdom to share we would love to hear from you. Please email us at


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