Talking and Listening

7th June 2019

It has been really wonderful to go out and meet up with lots of different people around Dorset who we hope will be involved in the #HelpAndKindness project. We've wanted to make sure we're as relevant to them as possible, and will add real, practical value to the things they do. The feedback we've received has been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging.

Over the past few weeks we've been speaking with the larger partners in the county, including people from the new Dorset Council and from the NHS. It's been very important to us to see how we can dovetail with some of the wider agendas and issues around support provision in Dorset.

...about the money...

We've also been given a helpful and encouraging (and very pragmatic) kick regarding the funding issues that we wrote about recently. The advice from people much more experienced than us has been to "push where it moves" and look at building a mixed economy of income based on different aspects of the project. This needs to include grant applications to help to get started as well as developing service offerings that can generate contracted payments. While this isn't a million miles from what we had been wrestling with, we have been pleased to receive this reassurance that things need to be flexible within a social enterprise, and that we need to keep our options open for receiving support. Everyone has also said this isn't a set-and-forget solution, but will require continual attention.


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