We're Live!

1st November 2019

The most ridiculous sting in the tail (where our hosting company was targeted by a cyber attack) couldn't stop us launching our new website for Dorset. Overnight we lifted and shifted the last year's work to another hosting provider and prepared for launch at 1pm today.

This is a "soft" launch of the project, with the first building blocks in place to get the project started. We're starting off by listing organisations, groups and individuals who provide help and support to the people of Dorset. We've also added a small number of events and activities that are happening in the run-up to Christmas too.

The second and further phases will enrich this information with details about events, services, activities, opportunities, and more as the months go by.

We are also hoping that this first phase will add to our case / credibility for the grant funding applications that we're planning in the coming weeks.

We're continuing to welcome Early Bird allies and partners to join us on the site, who we hope will help to curate and develop the content together with us. If you would like to join the Early Birds then please email earlybirds@helpandkindness.co.uk We'll be working with them over the coming weeks to get them on board.

So now, do take a look around. Here are some links to get you started:

Find information for CARERS in Dorset
Find MUSIC in Dorset
Find support for DEMENTIA in Dorset

and as for us...

... I think it's time for a cuppa.


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