From Little Acorns

28th November 2019

Following our "soft launch" of #HelpAndKindness on 1st November we have had an exciting month of new developments, new engagement and great feedback.

The project is only in its infancy at the moment, and we have huge plans for how it can grow and support people and organisations that provide help in the county, but the feedback so far has already exceeded our wildest dreams.

We've been in several networking meetings in the voluntary and primary sector this month where people who've worked in their field for years have looked at #HelpAndKindness and found services and points of contact that they didn't know about that will directly help them to provide support to their service users. It's been amazing.

The addition of our Early Birds contributors to the project has also seen more listings appear as they share their knowledge of the help and kindness that is available in their area.

We are now able to list Organisations and Groups that provide support, along with the Services that they offer. We are hoping that we can raise some funds to be able to add in the activities (e.g. regular group meetings) and events (e.g. cake sales, workshops, networking) to the site in the new year. We also have big plans to build the referral and communications capacity of the service too. All these depend on funding however, and we will begin that process again after the Christmas break. (If you'd like to support #HelpAndKindness you can make a donation here:

Do take a look around and send us your feedback. Please let people know about #HelpAndKindness so we can help as many people and support as many organisations and local groups as possible.


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