Community Assets and Help and Kindness

17th December 2019

At the recent AGM and Conference of Dorset Community Action we were speaking with one of Dorset Council's community development workers and began to talk about listing community assets on the Help and Kindness website, adding in a layer of public resource as well as personal support to the project.

The initial idea centred around collating and listing the locations of the defibrillators that are dotted around the county. At present we've been unable to find a full list of where these are located, although some town and village websites do list them. Since then we've been thinking about other community assets and resources that might also be helpful to list. These have included clothes and shoe recycling banks, free drinking water providers, charity shop locations and also public loos.

This last idea has grown out of an increasing awareness and publicity about the scarcity of public toilets in our towns and villages. The many pressures and financial reasons for being unable to provide these services has meant it is increasingly difficult to find loos across the county. For many people this is becoming a limiting factor in their ability to get out and about. There are various campaigns across the country that are working to increase the number of public conveniences that are available.  We could perhaps, at the very least, help a little by showing where the remaining ones are, or the ones in local businesses that can be used in an emergency.

If you can think of other community resources that might be useful to have on the map, please let us know.


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