Project Finance

We have struggled with finding the best way to structure the finances of this project and haven't yet found a solution. We are committed to this project and are currently funding all the work ourselves through Alacrify Ltd and volunteering extra time and efforts personally.

This project will cost money to run however, and we foresee costs for the hosting and technical services needed to run the project, and staff costs to help support and develop the services to everyone involved.

Being Transparent

In the past much of our charitable and pro bono work has been met with suspicion and people think we've some sort of ulterior commercial interest when we've suggested offering our services in kind, or in non-standard commercial arrangements. We don't know how to get around this. We know we've no commercial axe to grind, and though we need to cover some of our costs at some point to make the project sustainable, we aren't looking to create some new revenue stream for Alacrify, or bleed the voluntary sector dry of its precious financial resource. We want to make this happen because we believe it will be A Good Thing that we can do for everyone in the county.

We've looked at setting up new companies and charities, but all take time and bring huge administrative and financial overheads that are too costly for us at the moment.

Bright Ideas are Welcome!

While we grapple with this (by the way if you have any ideas we'd love to hear them) we don't want to hold up the project development. We believe it is needed now, and the sooner we can get it launched the more useful it will be, particularly during this period of local government change in Dorset.

We have been offered some contributions to help us with the project, and would welcome more, but we're also keen to make sure that this funding is managed in a transparent way so that any investment will be used solely to contribute to this project.

Do get in touch if you can help us solve this conundrum!